Our Community is small now, but that is no excuse to slack off. We have a set of standards for pages and edits, which are outlined in brief below.


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PLEASE source any information you add! To this end you should learn how to add references. In the visual editor, under “Insert,” there is a Reference option. Click that, and add the book (in italics) where you got the source from and the chapter number. Then click the insert button and you’re done. There will be a picture to the right.

Copyright Infringement

Please do not add copyrighted material unless you have the proper permission (and evidence thereof) from the Copyright holder to do so. Such additions will result in the content being removed and a Strike being issued. There is a punishment system laid out here.


Do NOT add or edit or otherwise falsify and damage this Wikia with bogus information or trolling.” You will be given a Strike each time you do so until you get three strikes, at which point you will be banned for an indeterminate period of time. There is a punishment system laid out here.

Be Nice

Be courteous to other users, and if there is a problem or misunderstanding, be helpful and civil so that everyone can use and enjoy this Community smoothly. If you harass other users you will be given a Strike, and continuous harassment may lead to being banned. There is a punishment system laid out here.

Chat Rules

  1. Don’t cuss people out. You can use curse words, just don’t levy them at other people.
  2. Don’t Spam. Post memes if you want, just don’t spam ’em so many times that it becomes an issue.
  3. Don’t Dox. If someone doesn’t want their personal info disclosed, then DON’T DISCLOSE IT.
  4. Don’t harass others or encourage suicide. That is not only illegal but incredibly rude. Don’t do it.
  5. Don’t post porn. Seriously, just don’t.
  6. Don’t post gore. Again, that’s nasty & we don’t want to see it here. This is Wikia not 4chan.
  7. Don’t try to come back to Chat using sockpuppet accounts if you are already Banned.


  • Breaking rules 1 through 4 will get you kicked from Chat. If you get kicked three times in a day you will be banned from chat. Breaking rules 5 through 7 result in an instant ban from chat.
  • Each ban will be longer than the last, & after being banned three times from chat each consecutive ban will result in a Strike. For this reason, if you have been banned many times, you may want to stop going to chat for the day if you have already been kicked twice.
    • First Ban: Two Hours
    • Second Ban: One Day
    • Third Ban: Three Days
    • Fourth Ban: One Week & a Strike
    • Fifth Ban: One Week & a Strike
    • Sixth ban: Two Weeks & a Strike
    • Seventh Ban: Two Weeks & a Strike
    • Eighth Ban: One Month & a Strike
    • Ninth Ban: Three Months & a Strike
    • Tenth Ban: Eternity& a Strike
  • You may only appeal a Chat Ban if it comes with a Strike, & that is done by successfully Challenging the Strike itself. Otherwise, unless the Chat Mod who banned you is feeling forgiving, it sticks with you.
    • Absolution will reset your ban counter back to zero.

What do I do if I am Banned?

If you receive a third Strike, you will be notified by an Admin that you have been Banned (unless you are a member of Staff, in which case your punishment is different). Entailed in the notification is the length of your Ban, the reason for your last Strike, as well as instructions and an email where you can submit a Challenge for that last Strike. If you believe, for whatever reason, that you have been unjustly punished, then you may follow the instructions for writing an Appeal Email for your third Strike. Here you must detail your reasoning for the Challenge, any evidence you have, and why you believe you did nothing wrong. The Founder will review all Challenges and deem their worthiness.

If it is decided that you were unjustly reprimanded, then your Strike will be removed, an official apology will be issued on behalf of the Staff, and you will be Unbanned. If it is decided that your punishment was just, then your Strike (and subsequently your Ban) will be upheld and you will lose your right to Challenge until your Ban expires. Most Challenges will be rejected, so you must be absolutely certain you did not deserve your Ban before Challenging.

Strikes may only be Challenged for three days after you receive them. After that point your Strike is permanent and you may not Challenge it. As an alternative to Challenging, which is an all or nothing affair, shortening your Ban is usually pretty easy. Just talk to an Admin and you can usually get it shortened, especially if it’s your first Ban.

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