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This is the online encyclopedia for characters, organizations, important objects, planets, and space ships from the Rings of the Master series by Jack L. Chalker. This shall be quite a long-term project without help, so if you have a favorite character from the series and would like to see a page about them feel free to pitch in and help the community out by starting one! For a list of all pages, click here. If you’d like a few examples of well-made pages, check out the Sabatini, Free Booter, and Halinachi pages.

Have questions and you’re not sure who to go to? No need to fear! Visit the Staff page for a list of every staff member and staff rank on the wikia. You can also find information about becoming a staff member yourself. Head over there to get the details!

Be sure to check out our Community Corner page for details on our latest Project and for info about upcoming events!


This Wikia is dedicated to documenting all the concepts and people in the Rings of the Master Series, which can get a little overwhelming and hard to remember at times! With this Wikia, you’ll (eventually) be able to quickly look up just who the Captain of the Indrus is, what he looks like, and who his crew is, whenever the books don’t go to the effort of explaining that over and over again. This is a long term project, and when it is done it will make reading the books more enjoyable and it will hopefully get others interested in this truly awesome and under-appreciated series!
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