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Books Project:

Hello everyone! We are beginning to create & expand the four Book pages and their subsidiary chapters, which can be found in the Nav Bar under “The Series.” This will likely be one of the longest but most important projects for attracting contributors to this wiki; having most of the series information in one place. This will make it easy to find relevant information even if you don’t own the books, which will allow ANYONE to contribute to the secondary pages on this Wikia! Since this is the most important project, this is where anyone who wants to help should begin, as it will do the most good for the Wikia in the least amount of time. It may only be a month or two before this project is done depending on how many people contribute toward it, or upwards of an entire year or more if Ursuul has to do all the work by himself.

Please visit the Rules and General Guidelines Thread if youre interested in the project. If you have any questions about the project or its rewards, then please feel free to ask the Founder, or you can post them in the Books Project Board or the Questions & Answers Board.


Because this project is so important and because it is the first one this Wikia will be undertaking, the top three contributors to this project will receive special rewards for helping! Below is a list of Rewards:

All Three:

Each of the three winners will receive a special tag signifying that they helped! The three of you may have a say about just what color and name you want for your tag.

2nd & 3rd Place:

Both of you get the right to apply for Discussions Mod (or any lower position) even if you meet none of the requirements! You will be automatically accepted if you apply! Also, because you have proven your worth, you will both receive Rollback rights, even if you decide not to join the Staff! This is the only way to get this user-right without becoming a member of staff.

1st Place:

The #1 contributor receives the right apply for Content Mod (or any lower position), even if they meet none of the requirements! They will be automatically accepted if they apply! They also receive Rollback rights.

Side Notes for Staff: The Founder will participate in this project but not the competition, since he will be the one to choose the winners. Any staff member besides the Founder may participate in the competition if they want the rewards, but there will be no favoritism. If a staff member wins one of the prizes but already has the job entailed, then they will promoted instead. This means that if you are already a Content Mod and you win 1st Place, you will be instantly promoted to Admin, the highest and hardest possible position to attain on this Wikia, completely bypassing the four-month wait that other users seeking the position have to endure. Discussion Mods who win any of the top three will simply be promoted to Content Mod. If you have questions about it then please ask them in the Side Notes for Staff Thread.

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